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Get your personalised Roadmap to Financial Freedom. Make the money work for you as hard as you do. Start planning for your Financial Future. Let me be your Financial Architect to design the best Financial Solutuions based on your needs and capacity.

Retirement Planning

Systematic way of designing a perfect plan for your  post retirement life  via thorough analysis and placement of funds.

Takaful Protection

Offering wide range of takaful solutions for income protection, disability benefits, medical insurance and debt protection. 

Corporate Investment

Making your reserve fund generating passive  income via  prudent investment  in Money Market, Equity and Bonds.

EPF Member Investment

We will guide to choose the best approved funds and to plan  the right startegies in reducing your investment risk while maximising return.

Artificial Intelligence Investment

The latest technology in Investment. Most reliable platform to generate daily and weekly income with a very minimum risk and most consistent income.

Income Tax Savings

Many people underutilised Tax Benefits given by goverment due to lack of knowledge and awareness. Help us to help you to maximise your tax benefits.

Wasiat, Hibah & Trust

Let me help you to fix  this missing puzzle in Financial Planning. Almost RM70 Billion Assets  are  now stuck in Public Trustee.

Life & Success Coaching

Life is full of  challenges. Let me guide you to stay strong in life by enhancing your Emotional & Spiritual Wisdom.

Group & General Insurance

Helping you to discover your  insurance needs and populating  the best quotation from all  insurers.



In today’s world with full of complexity of Financial Needs, you deserve a better Financial Planner to design your Financial Roadmap and to serve you, not just an ordinary agent. Agree?

Most Financial Advisor so called an agent will keep pushing you to buy their product, be Unit Trust or Insurance  without analysing your financial needs. Sound familiar isn’t it?  They can only provide standard products, not a tailor-made solution as they are normally representing only one or two principals or fund houses. Their advice could be bias and the clients ends up waste their resources.

Registered Financial Planners like me are truly different. If professional engineer and architect required to have a degree in their field to be designated as  ‘AR’ and ‘IR’ and if a doctor required to have MBBS before they can practice , we  registered Financial Planners are required to attend all compulsory courses and pass all exams by the regulators in order for us to be certified as Registered Financial Planner or Certified Financial Planner or Islamic Financial Planner.All those courses might take years to complete.

We are clients centred. Clients’ interest is always our Top Priority, that is Code of Conduct as Financial Planner. We are like Financial Doctor; we will not prescribe any medicine or products without any diagnosis. Fair isn’t it? Financial Planners are not a tight agent, therefore we have all the privilege and freedom to choose any best plan in the market for our prospective clients based on their needs and given budget. At the end of the day, clients will get most the benefits.

We are able to provide a wide range of wealth management services like investment, life insurance, takaful, will and trust, tax savings plan under  one roof. As a result, Clients’ Confidentiality is always protected.

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Worlds of innovation

Life is not just work, paying bills, eat and sleep. It offers more than that. I believe that the biggest mistake that most people make when it comes to Financial Planning are : they don’t learn and they don’t have  right mentor or coach to guide them. As a result many people fall into the  Financial Traps and  Rat Race

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Time is money

Money speaks only one language. If you save me today, I will save you tomorrow.  But don’t just think about saving money , think about making  more money. Though money isn’t everthing but everything needs money.

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You are cordially invited to meet us in person to further discuss about your Financial Planning needs  at  our  PWA Head Quarter at 334A, Melawati Urban 1, Taman Melawati, 53100 Kuala Lumpur

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