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Unleash Your Potential Within. Live Your Best Life Financially, Spiritually and Emotionally


What I Do

Helping people  to live their best life Financially, Spiritually and Emotionally

I Design.

Design and build the best plan to meet your Retirement Needs, Investment, Tax Planning, Financial Protection, Wills & Employee Benefits. 

I Speak.

I speak in Corporate & In-house Training & Public Training in the areas of Sales, Entrepreneurship, Motivation & Personal Financial Management.

I Coach.

Recruiting & Coaching Potential Candidates to become Million Dollar Producer in Investment, Takaful and Estate Planning Business.

Need Advice?

Looking forward to help you and your esteemed organisation to achieve your goals.

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My Courses

Profesionally  designed, tailored and implemented Coaching & Training Programme that inspire the  full cross-section of al workforce.


We engaged Suhaimi and Wini from Perfect Wealth Advisory to help take stock of our financial standing and also help us come up with a tailor-made plan that specifically suits our situation. They have done a comprehensive job in realigning our assets and investments and also focused on protections i.e. will, life and medical insurances, hibah and many more. We thought we have it all covered but luckily we get their professional help to identify our gaps and then come up with a plan to mitigate them We can now sleep easy knowing that our assets and life are properly protected.​

Tuan Pandai Othman - Managing Director & CEO of Malaysia Marine and Heavy Engineering Holdings Berhad (MHB)

My Story

Humble Beginning, that is all I could say about childhood life. With RM600 income permonth, my parents truly struggle to support me and my  siblings. But I know they have done their best. Inspite of all odds, I managed to further my study to Universiti Utara Malaysia and right after graduation, I was accepted to work in one of renown Investment Bank in Kuala Lumpur with RM1500 salary . My Financial Distress starts  there. Rat Race began ,  with Unmanageble Credit Cards Debts and Personal Loans. I realised that I need to find immediate solutions for my problem. I waste no time by starting my new career as Financial Advisor. This new career giving me so much opportunity to learn more about Personal Financial Management & Personal Development while sharpening my Public Speaking Skills.

Alhamdulillah, now I am a proud owner of Multi-Million Financial Agency and a Guest Speaker for many GLCs and Financial Institution in Malaysia. With 23 years hands-on experience  , I am looking forward to help more people to have Financial Security while developing new Financial Advisors in Industry.

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